News 30 june 2021

Bosque Softinsa Project

“The project aims to plant 1.170 trees in different locations of our geography. One for each Softinsa employee”

On April 7, the first phase of the “Bosque Softinsa” project look place, with the planting of 200 trees in the Estrela Valley, municipality of Guarda. The environmental responsibility action was carried out by Softinsa’s employees, developed in partnership with Quercus and with the collaboration of the Municipal Councils of the areas covered.

This project aims to reduce and compensate the carbon footprint generated by our activity through the reforestation of natural enclaves, plating 1.170 trees in different locations of our geography. One for each Softinsa employee.

According to Sérgio Pereira, Director General of Softinsa, “for several years we have calculated and certified the carbon footprint generated by our activity and now we encourage ourselves to take it one step further. Work for your compensation, providing ways to reduce its impact and extend our environmental commitment and ecological sensitivity.”

In this first plantation we had the participation of colleagues David Monteiro and Diogo Ribeiro, from the Fundão Laboratory.

“I want to congratulate Softinsa on the initiative and thank you for the opportunity to participate in it. This kind of attitude on the part of all of us will help save our planet and give the possibility of a brighter future.”- David Bexiga Monteiro

“I think it’s a great initiative of Softinsa. I think it is important that companies have this environmental component more oriented towards sustainability.”- Diogo Pinto Ribeiro

The event was held with all the necessary security measures and, on this occasion, with a very small number of employees. We hope that in the second phase, scheduled for November, where we intend to reach more places, we can celebrate a broader and participatory event.