Achieve greater efficiency in asset management

IBM Maximo Asset Management is an integrated solution for the strategic management of corporate assets and services, covering all processes included in its life cycle. It enables sustained decision-making based on technical information, work and safety procedures, history and statistical analysis of costs, times and breakdowns, among others.

How we do

Maximising the return on assets

To help maximise the return on assets, IBM Maximo Asset Management allows obtaining information for analysis, providing managers with a tool to decide on the type of maintenance to adopt (corrective, systematic preventive, conditioned preventive or predictive) depending on the asset in question, aiming to reduce costs and increase the life cycle.

IBM Maximo Asset Management allows for the optimisation of each asset's performance

IBM Maximo Asset Management allows you to manage all your assets by enhancing their performance and service life and by aligning them with the company's business strategy

It consists of seven key modules and applications rich in functionalities

It includes the Asset Management, Work Management, Service Management, Contract Management, Maintenance Plans, Materials Management and Procurement Management modules


An integrated offer

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The architecture, technology and configuration features provided by the platform allow for the system to be adjusted to the specifications of each organisation, through a simple and quick parameterisation, without prejudice to future modifications, updates and evolutions.



The system includes integration tools that allow for real-time connection with external systems, such as: ERPs, GIS, Monitoring, Documentary, among others, taking advantage of its open architecture.



Its open architecture eliminates dependence on third parties, so that the customer may implement his/her own customisations. In addition, all adaptations are kept in history with each version update.



The standard version of IBM Maximo Asset Management allows for the use of an online mobility tool, Maximo Everywhere, while making available an online/offline version, Maximo Anywhere, consisting of a set of Asset Management, Job Management and Stock Management Apps.