News 01 july 2021

Softinsa creates a Lab in Portalegre

Portalegre, November 25, 2020 – Today, November 25, the signing ceremony of the cooperation protocol between the Portalegre City Council, the Portalegre Polytechnic, Softinsa and IBM Portugal took place.

Portalegre will thus have a Development Center that will allow the creation of skilled jobs.

The purpose of this protocol is to create a Lab specialized in technological solutions for Smart Cities.

In the first phase, the Development Center will be based at the Polytechnic Campus, in the incubator of technology-based companies, occupying the cowork space. Once the expansion works of BioBIP are completed, the Softinsa Development Center will occupy one of the new buildings with two floors and a useful area of approximately 500 m2.

Whenever feasible, the City Council will collaborate in the development or implementation of innovative technological solutions. The city of Portalegre and its municipality will be used as a “living laboratory”, which allows to test functionalities and their adaptability to local reality, in areas such as sustainable management of water use in urban space and Solutions for Smart Cities

The signing of the protocol took place on The Polytechnic Day of Portalegre. This “special gift” is shared with all those involved, and especially with the whole Community, for the benefits that are expected to come from this partnership, from the outset, the retention of qualified human resources from this institution.

In the recruitment to the jobs, will be privileged the human resources of the district and, in particular, graduates of the Polytechnic of Portalegre, the areas of engineering and management.

For Softinsa’s ceo, Sérgio Pereira, “we are proud to celebrate softinsa and IBM Portugal’s partnership with the Portalegre City Council and the Portalegre Polytechnic for the creation of a specialized Lab. This bet in the city of Portalegre will allow us to strengthen our team of professionals with new talents and bring key skills, especially in the smarter cities area, to the Alto Alentejo region.”

For the president of the Polytechnic of Portalegre, Albano Silva, “the signing of this protocol for the creation of a SOFTINSA Development Center on the Polytechnic Campus represents an event with enormous strategic value for the Polytechnic of Portalegre, for the city of Portalegre and for our region. We feel the pulse of regional development when we think of the window of hope that opens with the fixation of tables and the creation of qualified jobs. This agreement contributes to the enrichment and affirmation of our formative offer, particularly in the area of management and engineering. With this act we are starting a process that will add to our Polytechnic differentiation and more value together with the region”.

For the mayor of Portalegre, Adelaide Teixeira “only the setting of companies can allow the setting of people, so the strategy followed by the municipality, within the scope of its competences, namely the promotion of development and investment capture in general, has been to contact companies institutions and investors, disclosing the potential of the municipality of Portalegre. It has also been a dehydrate of this executive to contribute to the development of the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, allowing a consequent training and the creation of professional outputs for its graduates. In this context, for a long time the Municipality of Portalegre has developed efforts and contacts in order to capture the interest of this particular entity in settling in Portalegre, thus being able to create skilled jobs, so necessary to meet our objectives.”

The agreement was signed, in a restricted event, at the Congress Center of the Municipality of Portalegre, which had the intervention of the general director of Softinsa, Sérgio Pereira; the president of IBM Portugal, José Manuel Paraíso; the president of the Polytechnic of Portalegre, Albano Silva, and the president of the Municipality, Adelaide Teixeira.