News 08 may 2020

Softinsa reinforces Data Centre Services from Tomar

Softinsa, optimising the partnership established with the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (IPT), reinforced the Data Centre Services area from Tomar, using the IPT Data Centre.

From the Data Centre of Tomar, adjacent to Softinsa’s Innovation Centre and managed by its professionals, Softinsa extended its offer of scalable and resilient services to sustain the growth of companies, reduce risk and make an appropriate transition to a cloud-optimised infrastructure.

João Freitas Coroado, President of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, says that ‘the IPT Data Centre was designed and built according to the highest technological requirements and following high cybersecurity standards. In Tomar we have an infrastructure that can be compared to the best examples in the world in the area of cloudmobile and analytics

‘Through the partnership with Softinsa, which manages the Data Centre, it is possible for companies and other entities to migrate their systems, with maximum trust, to a resilient infrastructure’.

This new investment allows Softinsa to combine data centre and cloud technologies to more easily and securely support customer applications and systems, with the operational management services provided by Tomar’s monitoring and management technicians and also using the support teams from Lisbon, Viseu and Fundão. These services include housing, hosting and centralised management of private and hybrid cloud platforms.

The Data Centre of Tomar is certified and complies with all security standards so that its customers’ data is fully protected, including strict access control, 24×7 continuous monitoring and highly qualified Hands & Eyes services.

‘Softinsa is now providing a model and integrated offer, prepared to respond to the evolution and requirements of cloud computing and in order to guarantee high performance with application scalability and flexibility, whatever the sector of activity and level of complexity of our customers’ business may be’, highlights Sérgio Pereira, Director General at Softinsa.