Reinvent your business with cognitive technologies

Digital transformation and the cognitive era are driving organisations to reinvent the boundaries and barriers that enclose traditional industries and sectors. Technologies such as Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT (Internet of Things) and Bid Data Analytics now enable enhancing human capacity and generating the information necessary to act quickly and respond to the constant demands of the market.

How we do

Transforming data into essential and meaningful information

Softinsa's Cognitive team has been developing solutions to accompany customers on their cognitive journey, with the aim of evolving their systems, optimising and reducing operating costs, exploring swifter working methods and finding innovative ways to expand business opportunities. Our Cognitive offer seeks to help transform structured and unstructured data - natural language, images, text, audio and video files, and social media - into essential and meaningful information, as well as into process automation, which despite being critical to the business correspond to tasks with no added value.

Robotic Process Automation and Test Automation

It enables the use of cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence to automate processes and tests, without any kind of alteration or reengineering of the software to be automated, which can be scaled without the need for additional licenses and flexible commercial models such as 'pay per use'.


Based on the latest cognitive technologies, it has the ability to interact with users as if it were a human being, without having to follow predetermined scripts. It is available in several languages and interfaces, allowing for the integration with our customers' call centre or even with social media.

Smart Support

Smart chat system that allows directing tickets to the corresponding department, suggesting the settlement of the incident based on history or even settling the order automatically.

Anomaly Detection

Pattern detection models capable of identifying the smallest anomalies based on insights of the data received.

IoT / Big Data

Applying the latest machine learning and IBM Watson technologies and through data analysis, it allows extracting essential patterns, insights, analysis and recommendations.

Cognitive Predictive Maintenance

Machine learning and equipment failure prediction models to render the decision on when to carry out preventive maintenance more precise.