R&D 07 april 2020

Softinsa team participates in the world fight against Covid-19

Softinsa collaborated in the development of two technologies used in the Artificial Intelligence Cloud service, made available on 03 April by IBM Research, for research in thousands of scientific articles on COVID-19.

This service is made available resorting to the Corpus Conversion Service (CCS) and to the Corpus Processing Service (CPS). The CCS is a service capable of extracting structured information from hundreds of thousands of pages per day on a single server, with precision rates above 95%. The CPS integrates structured data, such as medication information, and unstructured data, such as scientific articles, from various data sources to produce a Knowledge Graph, a database organised according to categories, properties and mutual relationships, in order to be searchable.

The Softinsa team, consisting of Consultants André CarvalhoBruno LemosDaniel Clérigo and Gabriel dos Santos, is working together with IBM Research Zurich (Switzerland) on the development of these technologies, in both the visual component and the integration, automation and DevOps components.

You may find more information on IBM Research.