Media 01 july 2021

New business models supported in Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud

Today’s challenges have been transformed into opportunities to accelerate digital transformation and support new business models, focusing on innovation and reducing Time to Value.

Pedro Mota, CTO/Solution Architect, Softinsa

COVID-19 is having a significant and cross-cutting impact on society, businesses, the state and the lives of each of us.

Companies had to face and overcome new challenges in their operations and sustainability, in terms of restrictions on the mobility of their employees, the need to implement telework in most functions, with increased knowledge and use of collaboration tools, occurrence of periods of unavailability of some employees due to illness, reduced demand for some types of service and significant change in the consumption patterns of their customers.

In the conversations we have daily with our customers, we address these and other key challenges in their business models, for which we help to find value solutions, increasingly supported in hybrid cloud platforms, integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) services.

Hybrid Cloud is a platform for applications and infrastructure, built with two or more public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises IT components, such as the edge platform.In all its forms, the hybrid cloud enables an important set of benefits by choosing the components that best fit the dynamic needs of each organization.

Previously, connectivity to public cloud platforms through dedicated links was a preferred option for reliability and bandwidth, but faced solutions. Currently, with improved bandwidth in internet access and site-to-site connections, by virtual private network (VPN) over internet with encryption, allow costs to be more competitive and security issues taken care of correctly.

The flexibility and portability of applications and data between hybrid cloud components, such as between the public cloud and on-premises virtualization solution, enables you to maximize the availability of critical services and resiliency to failures, on which many companies’ key business processes are based.

 Through hybrid solutions, we have been able to integrate new features in today’s solutions, in a simple and fast way, such as Machine Learning, AI, among others, services that are continuously made available by public cloud providers, as well as take advantage of high scalability. To optimize costs, through more efficient consumption of resources, we make a dynamic choice of the most appropriate infrastructure for workloads.

 Multicloud consists of choosing services from more than one public cloud provider, so there is no exclusive dependence on a vendor, maximizing service availability, accessing new features firsthand, and optimizing costs.

 Dynamically and increasingly comprehensively, cloud services already integrate organizations’ preferences, adopting hybrid and/or multicloud architectures to be more competitive and provide differentiating services and products to their customers.

Softinsa has a complete offer in these services, with proven results in Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud projects and based on highly qualified and experienced resources. Softinsa’s infrastructure administration, monitoring and operation services are infrastructure-based and supported by automation and orchestration tools, such as IBM  Multicloud Manager, Red Hat Ansible, and Terraform, integrated with hybrid platforms via APIs. In this way, we provide a consistent service in the results, agile in the execution of activities and very efficient.

Over the past few years, we have successfully designed, planned and executed, a large number of complex projects for the assessment and migration of environments to the cloud, with the choice of services and infrastructure best suited to the needs of each client. Softinsa already has a unique set of national and international reference clients, where we ensure infrastructure services in digital transformation and support its critical business processes on a daily basis.

Given the times we live in, with the new challenges to overcome and different opportunities that is fundamental to conquer, never as now was peter drucker’s emblematic phrase “Do what you do best, and outsource the rest”.

Article published in ITinsight

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