Case Study 08 june 2020

PRIO signs an Application Development and Maintenance contract with Softinsa

PRIO, the largest biofuel producer in Portugal, has just signed an Application Development and Maintenance contract with Softinsa for a three year period.

With 100% national capital, PRIO is the third largest European producer of biodiesel from waste raw materials, currently holding a network of more than 250 service stations, from north to south of Portugal. To ensure its competitiveness, it has been constantly striving for excellence with innovative products and services and investing in robust and efficient technological solutions in order to offer the end consumer high quality at reduced prices.

In its commitment to continuous service improvement, PRIO reinforced its technological partnership with Softinsa with the renewal of application support in the SAP area, based on service levels and focused on resource optimisation, based on a flexible model with variable capacity to ensure maximum productivity.

Tiago Cachim, Head of IT at PRIO, highlights that ‘the technical skills and strong management capacity of Softinsa’s consultants, as well as the agility and flexibility shown to support PRIO’s processes, were decisive factors for the continuity of the services provided by Softinsa’.

This service provision model has been providing PRIO with proven efficiency gains, since the knowledge acquired from the system allows for the cause of a particular incident to be identified much more quickly, reducing the number of hours consumed in the Application Maintenance service.

Still during the previous contract, two important projects were developed that helped speed up the daily operations of the Hiper Mini Market stores at PRIO’s service stations. One was the implementation of the Neptune Software, which allows operators, through a user friendly interface, to create purchase orders, enter products and make the respective inventory. Another of the most relevant projects was ‘Top Task Top Force’, a financial control system that allows PRIO to validate and consolidate the amounts communicated from the different means of payment throughout the network of service stations per shift.